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Week Six of 906 SIM League Spring Series Brings Second Repeat Winner

Andy Monday leads the field under the flagstand to start Week Six of the 906 SIM League Spring Series.

For the second time in the 906 SIM League, a change of car was in store for competitors this week as the call was made to step from the standard Late Model to the Super Late Model. The racing, at the virtual Southern National Motorsports Park, featured side by side battles, some bumping and banging, and featured, for the second week in a row, a repeat winner. On the pole for the 125 lap race was well known Wisconsin racer, Andy Monday. Making his 906 SIM League debut, Monday put his name at the top of the speed charts in both practice and qualifying. Monday, though from not a 906 Native, expressed his thanks for the invite to the League post race. A total of 16 cars took the green flag for the race, led to the start by Monday and Kyle Johnson on the front row. The early going of the 125 lap event was plagued by a myriad of cautions, which gave drivers plenty of opportunities to take to pit lane to take on fuel to reach the end of the race.

Scott Hoffman's race hits a speed bump early as he spins off the front bumper of Cody Johnson.

With every restart, battles ensued for multiple positions on track, especially at the front end of the field. Cameron Clifford and Andy Monday battled side by side at several points of the race, swapping the lead every few laps with each other. Despite several different drivers coming into the picture at the front of the field, like Kyle Johnson and Robby Iverson, Clifford and Monday would be the only two drivers to lead the field. Between the two of them, the lead changed hands a total of seven times.

Andy Monday leads the way with Cameron Clifford right in his tire tracks.

The final caution of the race set up a battle between new tires and old tires, as Robby Iverson took the battle to Cameron Clifford. Ironically, the incident which brought out the yellow flag involved Iverson, as well as Andy Monday and Kyle Johnson. From replays, the incident appeared to be a complete racing incident. Kyle Johnson got a great run on Andy Monday as Monday appeared to check up. With no place to go, Kyle Johnson tagged Monday’s bumper and then was hit from behind himself by Iverson. Monday slid sideways, but remained pointed in the right direction while Johnson spun into the pit lane entrance. It was a classic short track chain reaction accident.

Following the restart,

Somehow, Andy Monday corrected this major tailslide while Kyle Johnson was not so lucky.

Iverson made his way to the rear of Cameron Clifford’s machine, hounding him lap after lap. A few times, Iverson was able to make a run at Clifford and get alongside him for the lead. In the end, Clifford would be able to hold off Iverson and take home his first win in the 906 SIM League Spring Series since Week One.

Brake rotors glowing, Robby Iverson and Cameron Clifford battle for the lead.

“I was really pumped to get back in victory lane tonight,” Clifford said after the race, “I had a tough race with Andy Monday right away.” When the final caution came out, Clifford wasn’t so sure about his chances at holding on for the victory. “Towards the end of the race I didn’t pit and Robby did so I was kind of a sitting duck,” Clifford explained, “But I was able to hold him off for the win.” Clifford also went on to say how much fun he had racing both Monday and Iverson.

Cameron Clifford celebrates his second Spring Series win.

Track and division for next week’s 906 SIM League action are yet to be announced, so keep an eye on the 906 SIM League Facebook Page (see below) for more info. Below are current point standings as well as the results from Southern National Motorsports Park. Under those are links to the 906 SIM League Facebook Page and the iRacing Homepage for more information regarding both.

Notes: Matthew Frazer2 is Robby Iverson.

Todd Rose (me) is highlighted because that's whose account the race results were viewed from.

By Todd Rose

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